Walter Föckersperger GmbH is a leader in special machine construction. Their laying systems – consisting of FOECK Crawler and FOECK Truck winch vehicles and the FOECK Plough laying ploughs – are number 1 worldwide. As a leader when it comes to technology, Walter Föckersperger uses a complete 3D development system and mechatronic engineering in-house and has an extremely high level of vertical integration. This allows the company to continue to develop their multi-patented and prize-winning special machines in short innovation cycles.

The high level of innovation and quality standard are not an end in themselves, instead they are designed to add customer benefit. Not only is the company the world market leader and several years ahead of the competition when it comes to technology, it always develops its technology in close collaboration with its customers and markets.

The result? The laying systems from Walter Föckersperger, which are in part highly-automated, operate with maximum reliability on every continent and currently lay approximately 4,000 km of cable and pipe per year.



  • High levels of technological expertise
  • Short innovation cycles
  • Direct collaboration with international customers
  • Used on every continent
  • High level of vertical integration in the company