All-rounder cable plough - High laying performance for versatile ploughing work

the FSP 22 FOECK plough

The FSP 22 FOECK laying plough is ideal for laying cables and HDPE pipes up to a diameter of 280 mm which are supplied via a drum with a maximum weight of 4.000 kg, carried by a vehicle. The laying depth can be continuously adjusted up to 2.200 mm. Thanks to individual insertion elements, several cables/pipes can be laid in a single work step with warning tapes, lightning arrestors and cover strips. If a drawn expander mandrel (Torpedo) is used, then the FSP 22 is also suitable for steel and cast iron pipes.

  • Variable spur width of 2,320 to 5,950 mm
  • High laying capacity: up to 1,500 m per hour
  • Extremely agile with the smallest plowing radius of curvature of 4 m
  • Versatile due to interchangeable ripper shoe and laying element for an optimal transfer slot for each tube
  • Safe thanks to automatic safety cut-off and trenchless installation
technical characteristics
TypeFSP 22
Engine power126 hp / 93 kW
Wheel drive4 x 4 Hydrostatic
Hydraulic steering4-wheel
Front tyres710/45-26,5 20 PR
Rear tyres600/55-26,5 20 PR
Length10.700 mm
Min. width2.320 mm
Max. width5.950 mm
Min. height3.540 mm
Weight (standard equipment)18.800 kg
Laying capacityup to 1.500 m/h
Laying depth, continuous up to2.200 mm
Wading depth (at a laying depth of 1.5 m)up to 1,4 m
Ploughable turning radius4.000 mm
Drum holder ø-max.
Max. width
Max. weight
2.800 mm (3.800 mm*)
1.800 mm (2.500 mm*)
4.000 kg

Comfort tilting cab with heating (A/C system*)

Sliding doors, fold-out front panel, sliding windows, etc.
Safety shutdown for the cable winch via radio, (hand-held radio between laying plough and cable winch vehicle with cable winch shutdown*)

(installation chutes/laying chutes*)

Flexible pipes up to ø 280 mm or several cables/pipes simultaneously

Cable/pipe laying chutes in all sizes

Low, medium and high-voltage cable up to 110 kV, in triangular configuration and over 110 kV according to specification of the energy supplier with cable monitoring and documentation (special equipment)

Line warning tape is height-adjustable above cable/pipe, lightning protection lines and cover strips according to customer requirements

Installation chute for steel and cast iron pipes

Induction torpedo for pipes up to ø 630 mm (in drawing-in procedure)

Delivery chute for the insertion of ground stabilising materials

Other special equipment and laying chutes upon request