Services around the FOECK laying system

Today, the FOECK installation system is one of the most efficient methods of laying pipes and cables safely and quickly in the ground. Walter Föckersperger GmbH, in addition to the most efficient laying machines, also offers a comprehensive range of services to support you in the best possible way with the introduction of this innovative laying technique. This starts with on-site training, GPS-supported route analysis and documentation, driving and assembly training, through to service support and finding solutions to unforeseen problems on the construction site.

  • Efficient on-site training
  • GPS-supported route analysis and documentation
  • theoretical and practical operation training
  • Support in search for solutions on construction site
  • Service and instructions

GPS-supported route analysis

  • On-site inspection of the construction site
  • GPS analysis and documentation of the plough track
  • Evaluation of all route data
  • Creation of a detailed report


Education and training

  • Teaching theoretical basics
  • Practical training with the FOECK laying system
  • troubleshooting training
  • service training

Advanced training

  • Extended practical training on construction site
  • Experience-based Discussion: Questions and answers

Troubleshooting and spare parts delivery

  • Support in finding solutions on the construction site
  • Advice on the optimum utilisation of the equipment
  • Fast delivery of spare parts on demand

Service support

  • First service under guidance
  • Inventory of the piece of equipment
  • Fast spare parts ordering and delivery
  • On-site support