Flexible spiderplough with radio remote control

The FSP 6 FOECK Plough

The FSP 6 is designed for the installation of communication cables and flexible pipes up to a diameter of 125 mm which are fed via a drum carried by the vehicle with a maximum weight of 2,000 kg. The depth can be infinitely adjusted up to 1,500 mm. By means of individual insertion elements, several cables / tubes with warning bands, lightning protection and cover strips can be installed in one operation. Thanks to the advanced radio remote control, the FSP 6 can also operate under low underpasses and travels up to 2,910 mm.

  • Variable track width of 1,950 to 5,050 mm
  • High laying capacity: up to 1,500 m per hour
  • Extremely agile with the smallest ploughable turning radius of 3.0 m
  • Direct relocation to land borders
  • Versatile due to interchangeable ripper shoe and laying element for an optimal transfer slot for each tube
  • Safe: automatic safety cut-off and trenchless installation
technical characteristics FSP 6
TypeFSP 6
Engine power55,6 hp / 40,9 kW
Emissions classStufe IIIB / EPA Tier 4 final
Wheel drive4 x 4 Hydrostatic
Hydraulic steering4-wheel
Front tyres600 / 50-22.5 PR
Rear tyres600 / 50-22.5 PR
Length9,140 mm
Min. width1,950 mm
Max. width5.050 mm
Min. heigh2,910 mm
Weight (standard equipment)9,700 kg
Laying capacityup to 1,500 m/h
Laying depth, continuous up to1,500 mm
Wading depth (at a laying depth of 1.5 m)up to 1,0 m
Ploughable turning radius3,000 mm
Drum holder ø-max.
Max. width
Max. weight
2,800 mm (3,800 mm*)
1,800 mm (2,500 mm*)
2,000 kg
CabDriverless operation with FRC 2-1 radio remote control
(installation chutes/laying chutes*)

Flexible pipes up to ø 125 mm or several cables/pipes simultaneously


Cable/pipe laying chutes in all sizes

Low-, medium- and high-voltage cables up to 70 mm outer diameter in the triangular section

Line warning tape is height-adjustable above cable/pipe, lightning protection lines and cover strips according to customer requirements

Delivery chute for the insertion of ground stabilising materials

Other special equipment and laying chutes upon request