Ecology and economy - gentle laying with our ploughing system

Seven reasons why the FOECK laying-plough system is the most advanced and cost-effective way of laying cables or pipes in the ground:

  • Only one working step is required when laying with the FOECK laying plough. The flexibility and mobility of the system keeps set-up times to a minimum. This means you can drive to several sites to carry out laying work in one day.
  • No need for preparatory work which damages the natural environment: removal of trees and shrubs can be minimised or avoided altogether.
  • In many cases, the cable/pipe to be laid can be carried along directly on the laying plough. In some cases, this saves the use of a separate special trailer with winch vehicle.
  • With the FOECK laying-plough system, there is no need to lay a time-consuming sand bed. Nonetheless, the cable or pipe can be laid in line with regulations and safely in accordance with DIN/EN 1610.
  • Laying with the system from Walter Föckersperger causes minimal disruption and enables cost-effective laying materials to be used, without a reinforced protective shell. This is backed up by 55 years of experience laying cables and HDPE pipes.
  • Low fuel consumption; plough laying uses approximately just 50 litres of diesel fuel per 1,000 metres of installation path. By way of comparison: laying the same path using a rotary hoe consumes 3 times as much and laying with an excavator consumes up to 10 times more diesel fuel.
  • The high daily capacity of the FOECK plough (up to 10,000 metres) keeps pro-rata personnel costs down per metre laid.

The trenchless, mechanical FOECK laying system considerably cuts down the number of work steps, which means it is extremely efficient and quick. At the same time, it protects the environment as it uses little resources – there is no need for excavation, mixing of the soil or stripping of the topsoil.

A comparison of the different laying methods:

  FOECK Plough Trench cutting machine Excavator
Average daily capacity:  4.000 m  1.000 m 200m
Laying costs/running metre: 10 - 30 € 30 - 50 € 60 €
Application area: BKL 2-6 BKL 3-7 BKL 2-7
Max. line diameter 630 mm As required As required


Vehicle Working hours per day Spec. consumption Power Laying speed Daily average Spec. consumption
SI-Unit h g/kWh kW m/h m l/km
Föckersperger Laying System® 8 210 446 - 582 bis 1.500 bis 10.000 50 - 185
Trench cutting machine 8 210 280 250 bis 2.000 150 - 560
Excavator 8 210 130 40 bis 320 500 - 900



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