Laying systems from Walter Föckersperger GmbH are used on every continent. This is because these special machines, which are fully developed and manufactured in Germany, offer complete reliability. Thanks to their high degree of flexibility, the cutting edge winch vehicles and laying ploughs are suitable for almost all ground types: even at a water depth of 1,800 mm, cables and pipes can still be laid at a depth of 1,800 mm at the bottom of the water. The FOECK laying system can work on soft soil, such as marshland areas or mudflats, as well as rocky terrain with ease.

The Föckersperger laying systems are used internationally:

  • Water and wastewater pipes up to a diameter of 630 mm
  • Power lines up to 525 kV
  • Ductwork or protective pipes for fibre optics, telecommunications or high-voltage systems
  • Fibre-optic lines (FO)
  • Gas lines

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  • On all continents
  • 4,000 km of pipe laid per year
  • In over 20 countries
  • No. 1 worldwide