Powerful winch vehicles - as wheel or crawler

FOECK Truck and FOECK Crawler with patented Schwenkmatic winch design

As a wheeled or crawler vehicle, the FOECK cable winch vehicles have hydraulic support on the terrain in order to transfer the high tractive forces. The hydrostatic drive of the winch enables the tractive forces and cable speeds to be continuously adjusted according to requirements across the entire working range.

The 2.500 – 2.950 mm wide stabiliser plate penetrates up to 2.000 mm deep into the ground during the winching process. The sophisticated kinematics of the support and the rotatable stabiliser plate ensure a secure hold in any type of ground or terrain structure; even on asphalt roads, with the protection of a rubber mat.

Areas of application for FOECK Truck and FOECK Crawler:

  • Towing the FOECK laying ploughs with constant force
  • Traction support for wheeled and crawler ploughs
  • Drawing in a sewer pipe when crossing water
  • Traction work during pipe rehabilitation
  • Traction support and retrieval of drilling rods during horizontal drilling processes
  • Retrieval and cable winch work of any kind

… and on almost any terrain.

The strongest mobile cable winch vehicle

  • Can be used flexibly on almost any terrain
  • Self-supporting for tractive forces up to 180 tonnes
  • Patented cable winch for maximum cable service life
  • Low-impact thanks to low bearing load
    (0.32 kg/cm2 in the case of FOECK Crawler)
  • The strongest tractive force worldwide of 180 tonnes in a pulley