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Normally, cables and pipes are laid in open trench construction, which is very costly and time-consuming.

It's more ecological, faster and environmentally friendly with the innovative solutions from Walter Föckersperger GmbH. The owner-managed family business is the world market leader for trenchless laying systems for cables and pipes.

At BAUMA 2019 the Foeckersperger Group presents with the FOECK

FSP 280, an installation plough in combination with the FWF 92 pulling vehicle, makes it possible to lay underground cables up to 525KV more efficiently than ever before.

The Foeckersperger Group, world market leader in ploughing systems, expands its product range with the small radio remote controlled FSP6

The new FOECK Plough FSP 6 is the smallest and most maneuverable plough from the world market leader. Designed for flexible pipes up to 125 mm diameter the new FOECK Plough FSP 6 is able to lay cables and pipes directly at the site boundary, combined with a FOECK pulling machine, the FOECK Truck or FOECK Crawler. The new ergonomic radio remote control FRC 2-1 helps the operator to have an overview and full control of the equipment the whole time.

How does the most efficient cable and pipe laying system work? …

Laying cables and pipes with the FOECK ploughing system is currently the most efficient way of laying cables and pipes safely in the ground. It is 20x faster than excavating and 5x faster than trenching. In addition, trenchless laying protects the environment and residents.

Walter Foeckersperger increases the efficiency of its innovative cable and pipe laying systems with a new remote control system

When it comes to laying cables and pipes underground, the advanced laying plough system from Walter Foeckersperger is unrivalled in terms of efficiency: 20x quicker than excavating and 5x quicker than using a trencher. Now the innovative special machinery manufacturer has rounded off its systems with a remote control system, which enables the vehicle driver to safely control the powerful laying plough, even from outside the vehicle.

Walter Foeckersperger is presenting the FSP 280 with double drawbar for a fantastic 380 tonnes of tear-out force at BAUMA 2016

To lay pipes with large diameters up to 630 mm reliably with the plough, even in very hard ground, very high tractive forces are required. Market and innovation leader Walter Foeckersperger is presenting the new FSP 280 laying plough with double drawbar, for a maximum tear-out force of 380 tonnes, for the first time at BAUMA 2016.

Lay underground cable easily and safely with a plough

Walter Foeckersperger is presenting a cable plough system with 380 tonnes of tear-out force at BAUMA 2016.

Walter Foeckersperger GmbH is presenting an innovative system for trenchless cable and pipe laying in practically all types of ground at the BAUMA 2016: with tractive forces up to 380 tonnes, the FOECK cable plough system safely lays up to 10.000 m of cables and pipes in the ground per day in a single work step. This enabling technology opens the way of extending the high-speed Internet and high-voltage DC lines.