FOECK innovation at BAUMA: Agile cable plough with radio remote control

The Foeckersperger Group, world market leader in ploughing systems, expands its product range with the small radio remote controlled FSP6

The new FOECK Plough FSP 6 is the smallest and most maneuverable plough from the world market leader. Designed for flexible pipes up to 125 mm diameter the new FOECK Plough FSP 6 is able to lay cables and pipes directly at the site boundary, combined with a FOECK pulling machine, the FOECK Truck or FOECK Crawler. The new ergonomic radio remote control FRC 2-1 helps the operator to have an overview and full control of the equipment the whole time.

Many construction companies have highly benefited from this efficient alternative to the use of excavators to lay cables and pipes safely, quickly and economically into the ground: from the FOECK laying system. With the new development of the FSP6, Walter Föckersperger GmbH has responded to the demand of FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) and designed a technologically highly innovative equipment which will be presented at Bauma in Hall C4, Stand 727.

With a variable wheel track width from 1.95 m to 5.05 m, the smallest and most maneuverable plough of the FOECK family adapts optimally to the terrain conditions. With a height of only 2.91 m, it can easily pass under low underpasses and passages. The FSP 6 is capable of laying flexible cables and pipes with a diameter of up to 125 mm into the ground to a depth of 1500 mm in a single pass. Although the plough itself is equipped with a powerful hydrostatic all-wheel drive for maneuvering, the tractive power comes from one of the pulling machines, the FOECK Crawler or the FOECK Truck, which pull the FSP 6 with a force of up to 100 tons through a patented winch technology.

Due to its special kinematics, the FSP 6 enables the laying of cables and pipes directly on the site boundary and thus protects the soil. For this purpose, all wheel arms and frame parts are able to be adjusted hydraulically (see Fig. 2). This makes it possible to lay lines and pipes between the road and the guard rail or directly at the site boundary without having to move the soil for the first time.

This new installation system primarily benefits the environment: Due to the high maneuverability and the slim design (without a driver's cab) there is no need for nature-damaging preliminary work such as the removal of bushes and trees. The reduced weight reduces ground pressure significantly. Due to the high laying speed, the noise emission is low and very short.

The operator has an ergonomic advantage as he can move independently due to the remote control. With this remote-control unit, he can safely control the laying process and keep a complete overview of the machine and the material to be laid. This means that all maneuvers can be carried out safely after only a short training period.

Equipped in this way, the FSP 6 can handle cable drums with a diameter of up to 2,800 mm, a width of 1,800 mm and a weight of 2,000 kg. Communication cables (fiber optic and copper), low, medium and high voltage cables up to 70 mm diameter can be laid in triangular bracing, including route warning tapes. Due to individual insertion elements, empty and water pipes up to 125 mm, or several thin cables or pipes at the same time, do not represent a problem. Lightning protection cables and warning tapes can also be laid if necessary.

As a result of its maneuverability, the FSP 6 can not only lay on site boundaries and slopes, but also curve radii up to a minimum radius of 3 m are possible with the FOECK system. During the entire FOECK installation process, the tractor pulls the FSP 6 over a cable winch and supports itself with a rubber pad on the road or a sign in the terrain. On solid ground, the maximum laying depth is 1,500 mm, in the watt at a water depth of 1,000 mm it is 1,200 mm below the ground. The manufacturer specifies the laying performance as 1.5 km per hour. The FSP 6 plough can lay up to 10 km of cable route in one working day.

As the ideal Truck for the new FSP 6, Walter Föckersperger has also completely redesigned the FWF 50 truck. The newly developed winch has a pulling force, in a single line, of 50 t and in a double line 100 t. And that from the first to the last meter. This is made possible by the particularly rope-friendly single layer winch. The basis of the new towing vehicle is the agile and powerful Mercedes Atego with 4-wheel steering. The driver is supported by a modern and ergonomic operating concept in which all important information on the work process is displayed on a high-resolution color display.


The Foeckersperger Group

As a manufacturer of special machines, Walter Föckersperger GmbH, part of the Foeckersperger Group, develops innovative systems for the trenchless laying of cables and pipes.

With its high-performance FOECK laying systems, the medium-sized family business from Pauluszell in Bavaria has been both innovation and world market leader in its segment for more than 60 years.

Today, FOECK cable plough systems are used by numerous customers and on all continents and enjoy high esteem. With the laying systems already sold by Walter Föckersperger, more than 400,000 km of cables and pipes have been laid safely and environmentally friendly in the ground worldwide.

The medium-sized family business was founded in 1931 and is now managed in the third generation by Dipl.-Ing. Walter Föckersperger. In addition to high technological competence, Walter Föckersperger GmbH is also characterized by the motivation and commitment to produce outstanding and environmentally friendly technology for people

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