The more advantageous winch design - Schwenkmatic

The patented FOECK Schwenkmatic is a regulated, hydrostatically driven winch construction, which adapts to the forces and direction of pull. In doing so, it enables the enormous forces of up to 90 tonnes to be pulled safely and with a constant force. The cable feed angle is maintained at 0 degrees thanks to the adaptive control and the pivoting of the drum. Together with the single-layer spooling and the supported cable bedding in the cable groove, this guarantees a maximum service life for the cable and Schwenkmatic winch.

The patented Schwenkmatic winch construction pulls the cable with a constant force of up to 90 tonnes and, in doing so, protects it by means of:

  • Single-layer spooling
  • Supported cable bedding in the cable groove
  • No crossover or contact points for the cable on the cable drum, as is the case with a cable winch with multi-layer spooling
  • Cable feed always at 0° thanks to automatically controlled pivoting of the cable drum and the self-compensating cable feed window
  • This results in: minimum cable wear and maximum service life