The most powerful mobile winch vehicles in the world

The FOECK Crawler FWF 93 and FWF 94

The FOECK Crawler was developed by Walter Foeckersperger GmbH and is fully manufactured at the Pauluszell site in the manufacturing workshop. It is the world's strongest crawler winch vehicle with patented Schwenkmatic for maximum tractive forces and a long service life. The large bearing surface of its rubber tracks (bearing load of just 0.32 kg/cm²) and enormous ground clearance of 700 mm enable low-impact work on substrates with poor support, such as those in marshland areas.

The FOECK Crawler enables cable winch work to be carried out and can be driven on roads without damaging the surface of the road.

The winch design of the FOECK Crawler is similar to that of the FOECK Truck. The difference is that this cable winch can provide a tractive force of 90 tonnes.

Its high operational weight also makes the FOECK Crawler suitable for processing hard ground with its strong cable winch.

  • Its performance features:
  • Towing the FOECK laying ploughs with constant force
  • Traction support for wheeled and crawler ploughs
  • Drawing in a sewer pipe when crossing water
  • Traction work during pipe rehabilitation
  • Traction support and retrieval of drilling rods during horizontal drilling processes
  • Recovery and cable winch work of any kind
  • Traction work on difficult terrain
technical characteristics
TypeFWF 93 (FWF 94)
Towing vehicleFöck Crawler
Emissions class


Engine power510 hp / 375 kW (765 hp / 563 kW)
Wheel driveHydrostatic
Length11.940 mm (12.533 mm)
Width2.980 mm
Height (plate up)3.590 mm
Height (plate down)3.590 mm
Weight28.000 kg (29.600 kg)
Max. speed0-8 km/h continuous (1. Gang)
0-12 km/h continuous (2. Gang)
TyresRubber crawler chains width 900 mm, particularly low ground pressure
Bearing load0,32 kg/cm²
Wading depth1.600 mm
Ground clearance700 mm
Cable winchFoeckersperger Schwenkmatic
Single tractive force90 tonnes constant across the entire length of the cable
Tractive force with pulley (double cable)180 tonnes, constant
CableSpecial winch cable ø 44 mm
Cable capacity112 m
Cable winch driveHydrostatic
Hydraulic oil cooling systemHydrostatic
Cable speedContinuous from 0-40 m/min
CabComfort cab with A/C, Sliding doors, fold-out front panel, sliding windows, etc.
 Safety shutdown for the cable winch via radio, (hand-held radio between laying plough and cable winch vehicle with cable winch shutdown*)