Ploughing method - The FOECK laying system

Working with the Föckersperger laying system means: careful insertion and laying of the pipes and cables.

The laying unit is attached to the plough blade in a manner that allows it to be adjusted, so that it can adapt horizontally and vertically to any curves in the ground (accordion system).

The laying blade presses the ground apart with high force. After the laying process, as the ground surface is restored, the laying slot is closed almost halfway. The ground forms a "bridge" over the cable/pipe that has been laid. The remaining lower part of the laying slot is filled by rain water seeping in (fine particles are washed downwards). An official inspection of the lines laid using the Föckersperger laying system (newly laid lines as well as lines laid several decades ago) confirmed that the laying work had been carried out to a high standard of quality. The walls of the laying slot were still more highly compacted than the rest of the ground.

The graduated laying slot gives the cable/pipe enough free space. Even after laying, the material laid rests freely and relaxed on the base of the slot. Even if stones fall in, they cannot cause any damage. Likewise, it is not possible for the pipe to rise into the groundwater area.


The cable/pipe laying chute, which can be moved horizontally, smooths the base of the slot

The tip of the blade clears and forms the laying slot base. The ripped-up slot base is not always the desired cable bed. Upright stones form a particularly dangerous base. Thanks to our patented guidance system, the entire cable laying chute smooths the slot base under pressure. The rough ground and the protruding stones are pressed firmly down. The cable/pipe is now placed on the smoothed base of the slot.

Force balance over cable/pipe

Schematic illustration of our installation.

After the laying process, the laid cable/pipe lies freely and loosely on the laying sole. When rebuilding the surface, the laying slot is closed up to almost half from above. The soil forms a bridge over the laid cable/pipe. Even falling stones will not damage the cable/pipe. They lie with their own weight on the pipe. This supporting bridge now protects the laid cable/pipe. Even if the laying slot is driven over by the heaviest vehicles, the laid cable/pipe is not stressed.

  • Innovative system for trenchless pipe and cable laying
  • World market leader in the field of trenchless pipe and cable laying
  • The world's strongest winch and laying-plough system with up to 360 tonnes of tractive force (double cable)
  • Used on every continent and on any terrain
  • Incredible performance: 10.000 metres per day, maximum 630 mm pipe
  • Ecological and sustainable – minimum impact on the natural environment
  • Foeck – more than 55 years of laying experience