Laying plough from FOECK - Laying cables and pipes quickly and efficiently

The conventional method of laying cables or pipes (with an open trench construction) is extremely expensive and time consuming due to the many work steps that are required. With the laying system from Walter Föckersperger, cables and pipes are laid significantly faster and at lower cost. Why? Because with the global, tried-and-tested laying system, only one work step is required, with a laying capacity of up to 1.500 m/h. The FOECK laying plough lays cables/pipes exactly according to requirements, at every laying speed.

Scientific studies show that cables/pipes laid with a plough using the FOECK laying plough system are of at least the same quality as those laid in an open construction, sanded laying trench.

To ensure optimum laying quality and performance, Walter Föckersperger GmbH offers specially optimised insertion elements for all pipe/cable systems.

The FOECK laying plough can insert lines, ranging from a small control cable through to a huge pipe with a diameter of 630 mm, into the ground in a single work step:

It can lay:

  • Water and wastewater pipes up to 630 mm in diameter
  • Power lines up to 525 kV
  • Ductwork or protective pipes for fibre optics, telecommunications and high-voltage systems
  • Fibre-optic lines (FO)
  • Gas lines

Even several cables/pipes (40 pieces, diameter 50 mm, 3 lightning arrestors and 2 line tapes) can be laid with ease and efficiency in just a single work step. The laying depth can be continuously adjusted up to 2.5 m. This is possible on all ground classes (marshlands and wetlands up to soft rock) with a laying capacity of up to 1.500 m/h.

Rivers up to a water depth of 1.800 mm can be crossed. In doing so, the material to be laid is placed 1.80 m under the river bed. As the machine rapidly crosses over the river, the water barely clouds over.

The FOECK laying plough itself can carry up to three supply drums (6.000 kg) with pipe or cables. During the laying work, the plough uses the tractive forces generated by the FOECK Truck or FOECK Crawler of up to 360 tonnes.

The most powerful laying plough in the world

  • A multi-talent: safely lays up to 40 pipes into the ground simultaneously

  • A record holder: max. 630 mm pipe at a depth of 2.500 mm

  • The world champion in productivity: 5x faster than a trencher, 20x faster than using an excavator

  • Protects the natural environment: bushes, trees and topsoil are normally left untouched

  • All-terrain: for almost all terrain structures and ground types