World leaders : Plough with 380 tonnes

Lay underground cable easily and safely with a plough

Walter Foeckersperger is presenting a cable plough system with 380 tonnes of tear-out force at BAUMA 2016.

Walter Foeckersperger GmbH is presenting an innovative system for trenchless cable and pipe laying in practically all types of ground at the BAUMA 2016: with tractive forces up to 380 tonnes, the FOECK cable plough system safely lays up to 10.000 m of cables and pipes in the ground per day in a single work step. This enabling technology opens the way of extending the high-speed Internet and high-voltage DC lines.

Not only is the FOECK laying system the most powerful system on the market for laying cables and pipes in the ground safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner, it also paves the way for forward-looking technologies which are needed in Germany and all around the world: high-speed Internet and underground electricity lines.

The innovative and patent-protected system operates according to a simple principle: the laying plough – FOECK Plough – is pulled by up to two winch vehicles, with the strongest mobile cable winch in the world – the FOECK Crawler – with up to 360 tonnes in the pulley. The winch vehicles support themselves on the terrain with a stabiliser plate so that they can apply the high tractive forces. The all-wheel drive laying plough itself is uniformly pulled by the winch machine by means of a cable. In doing so, it opens up the ground with its plough blade and lays the cables or pipes safely and carefully in the resulting cavity in the same work step. This allows up to 40 cables to be laid simultaneously or pipes with a maximum diameter of 630 mm to be safely laid in a single work step at a depth of 2,5 m in the ground. It does not matter whether the laying material is laid in a rocky or marshland area. The low bearing load of the winch vehicles with rubber tracks and the high tractive forces mean there are hardly any limits on the system.

Ecological and sustainable – no trench and minimum impact on the natural environment

In addition to the high laying capacity, the FOECK laying system makes an impression thanks to its favourable ecological balance. With around 50 l of diesel fuel per 1.000 meters of installation path, it uses only a third of the fuel needed for laying with a trencher, and only 10 percent of the fuel which would be used when laying with an excavator.

What is more, the removal of trees and shrubs can be minimized or avoided altogether. The laying plough technology from Walter Foeckersperger also means that there is generally no need for preparatory work which damages the natural environment, such as removal of topsoil or changes to the ground structure by removing and then compacting the ground.

There are also economical benefits for all construction companies that work with the FOECK laying system around the world: As a time-consuming and expensive sand bed is not normally required when laying with a plough, and the cables and pipes are laid in the ground with an extremely high laying capacity of up to 10.000 meters per day in a single work step, the laying costs are very low compared with the alternative: using excavators or trencher. The FOECK laying system is 20x quicker than any excavator and 5x quicker than using a trencher.

New developments for BAUMA 2016

In addition to numerous detail improvements, Walter Foeckersperger is presenting two significant new products at BAUMA 2016:

  • The FOECK Plough FSP 280 with a double drawbar is currently the most powerful laying plough in the world. It uses the 360 tonnes of tractive force generated by two winch vehicles plus 20 tonnes from its own strong all-wheel drive, to evenly open up the ground and safely lay cables and pipes up to 630 mm down to a depth of 2,5 meters.
  • For the first time, an innovative remote control system enables the machine operator to reliably control the entire laying plough on difficult terrain, even outside the driver's cab. As a result, the laying system is even safer and easier to use and can be fully operated by just 2 people.

Walter Foeckersperger, the company

As a manufacturer of special machinery, Walter Foeckersperger GmbH develops innovative systems for trenchless laying of cables and pipes. With its high-performance laying systems, the medium-sized family company from Pauluszell, Bavaria is a top innovator and world market leader with over 55 years of experience in this field.

Today, FOECK cable plough systems are used by numerous customers on every continent, and are held in high regard. To date, the laying systems already sold by Walter Foeckersperger have laid more than 380,000 km of cables and pipes in the ground around the world.

The medium-sized family company was founded in 1931 and today it is run by the third generation of the family; by Dipl.-Ing. Walter Foeckersperger. In addition to the high level of technological expertise, Walter Foeckersperger GmbH is characterised by both a desire and commitment to produce outstanding technology for people and to protect the environment.

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