The next generation is at the starting line

The next generation is at the starting line

With Daniel Föckersperger joining Föckersperger GmbH, the next generation change at the innovative mechanical engineering company is already being prepared for the long term. The 26-year-old son of company boss Walter Föckersperger first completed an apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician after finishing secondary school, before going on to complete his A-levels at a vocational secondary school and studying mechanical engineering at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. During his studies, Daniel Föckersperger worked as a student trainee at Flottweg. But even during his Bachelor's thesis, he devoted himself to a topic that pointed to his future task: he developed a new transmission concept for pulling machines that require a high tractive force.

This is precisely the challenge of his father's company: laying ploughs is a cost-saving and soil-friendly method for laying cables and lines over long distances. The latest machines from Pauluszell not only manage to lay pipes and cables up to a diameter of 63 centimetres mechanically with the laying plough in a safe earth channel, they also bring various media such as pipes, maintenance cables and cover plates precisely into position at horizontal and vertical distances - and all in a single operation. This makes the laying of power lines underground just as inexpensive as it would be for fibre optic network expansion, for example. And while Föckersperger has already laid many kilometres of lines in large countries like Canada or Australia without any problems. The use of fibre optics in Germany has certainly not yet finally caught on.

The Föckersperger company was founded in 1931 by Georg Föckersperger as an agricultural machinery and bicycle dealer and repair shop. Since 1958, Walter Föckersperger sen. who took over the business in 1967, and his father Georg have been engaged in the development of pipe-laying ploughs, which in the early years were primarily used for laying water pipes.

This basic idea developed into the Föckersperger laying system, which is used worldwide today. Walter Föckersperger Jr. joined the company in 1994, his son Daniel now wants to go through all departments in the near future to get to know the company from the ground up.


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