FSP24 / FSP24 C-line

New laying ploughs at Walter Föckersperger GmbH

A lot has happened again at Walter Föckersperger. Our engineers have been thinking about how to further improve the FOECK technology. Due to our close contact with our customers, we are able to discuss the constantly changing needs, requirements and safety, find solutions and implement them. One of our biggest concerns is to bring machines to the market that ensure environmentally friendly laying of cables and pipes. We are pleased to present 2 new models to the international market. The FSP 24 and the FSP 24 C-line. The FSP 24 is equipped with a new engine from Caterpillar and has a new comfort cabin with modern displays. The sole control (sword shoe) can now also be read digitally on the remote control. New electrical components have been installed to simplify maintenance. Due to the various requests and projects worldwide, we have developed the FSP 24 C-line as an alternative. The C-line stands for "without cabin". For some projects, e.g. in forests, under trees, solar parks, etc., the slim design is ideal. Thanks to its installed camera system, the operator always has a complete overview of the machine and the specified laying direction can be maintained.

link to the product page FSP24

link to the product page FSP24 C-line